Driven into the Traps: How Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities Tend to Get Property Rights (The Case of Mantangai, Central Kalimantan)

BP Musa Muri, Pemilik Dusun Pala
BP Musa Muri, Pemilik Dusun Pala

By Emil Kleden (Yayasan Pusaka)

The paper will analysis the gaps in relationship between communities and the Indonesian State. Communities that will be the focus of the paper are those that popularly known as ‘communities governed by custome . Another term that is also widely used to refer to these communities is masyarakat hukum adat or ‘communities governed by adat law’ (hereafter MHA). The paper will focus on MHA live in Mantangai, a sub-district in Kapuas, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, specifically on villages that have been facing implementation of various mega projects: Mega Rice Project, Oil palm plantations, Logging Concessions, National Park, and REDD+ Demonstration Activity. The term ‘mega’ was used here to indicate the large areas that have been used by these development projects. PDF Version: By Emil Kleden (Yayasan Pusaka)