Representatif of indigenous peoples and leader of Non Govermental Organisation from palm oil producing countries in Latin America, Africa, and South East Asia demand the right to freedom of expression.

“We are citizens of our countries and we have a constitutional right to speak out and seek justice for our communities”, said Wisdom Adjawlo from Youth Volunteers for the Environment in Ghana.

This attempt to restrict our activities and muzzle our voices is not only an abuse of our right to freedom of expression but will lead to worse outcomes for all.

Previously, we witnessed representatives from the palm oil industry calling us in the media as ‘toxic entities’  and condemned our efforts to expose our reality as a ‘black campaign.

We call on all palm oil companies to uphold their duty to respect environmental limits and human rights, including our right to freedom of expression. Together, we remind our governments that their first obligation is to respect, protect and promote the rights of their people.

Kinabalu Statement can be read here:

Ank, Feb 2020

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