(Friday, March 13, 2020) The Sorong Regency Government is in the process of revoking the license of the palm oil plantation company PT. Mega Mustika Plantation (MMP), which is planned to operate in the Kalaben traditional area, Klaso District, Sorong Regency.

This was conveyed by Suroso, Expert Staff of the Sorong Regent, Development Sector, “The Regent asked us to discuss together with the leadership of the OPD regarding community requests for the revocation of PT. Mega Mustika Plantation. There has been a meeting discussing the stages of the permit revocation process, namely asking for technical considerations from the Sorong Regency’s Office of the Environment and Agriculture Office, ”explained Suroso, in a meeting with Sorong DPRD Commission I member Marthinus Ulimpa, A.Md.Tek (Thursday, March 12 2020).

The Office of the Environment has sent a letter of technical consideration to the Regent. Meanwhile, the Department of Agriculture is still in the process of sending a reprimand to the company, as part of the revocation stage of the permit.

A request for a license revocation was submitted by representatives of the Moi indigenous people from Klaso and the leadership of the Kalaben Youth Support in early August 2019. The community’s refusal of PT. MMP, Location Permit, Environmental Permit, Plantation Business Permit, and oil palm plantation plan have been submitted since 2012. Long time and the Sorong Regent has not yet given a response letter on the grounds that he is still waiting for input from related agencies.

“We will follow up this meeting by visiting and meeting the Head of the Agriculture Service, to ask about the process of revoking permits and obstacles in making a technical consideration letter,” said Marthinus Ulimpa, a member of the Sorong Regency DPRD.

Marthinus Ulimpa also emphasized that the local government proactively protects and respects the rights of indigenous peoples and customary forests in the Kalaben customary territory. The Sorong Regency DPRD has a proposed program to develop agricultural and plantation businesses as an alternative for indigenous peoples so that forests and the environment are protected.

The Chairperson of AMAN (Nusantara Indigenous Peoples Alliance) Malamoi, Sem Vani Ulimpa, who was present at the meeting, said that the government must seriously respond seriously to the community’s requests that have been made repeatedly.

“If there has been no response in the near future, we, a combination of youth, students and indigenous peoples from the Klaso, Klayili and surrounding company locations, will hold a demonstration. Maybe this method has made the regent have a response, “stressed Sem Vani Ulimpa, who was supported by Agustinus Kalalu, a Moi youth figure, who was also present at the meeting.

The government has no more reason not to revoke PT. MMP, because the company does not fulfill legal obligations, does not carry out activities and get community rejection. The government must also have information on the stages of the permit revocation process and time target so that progress and obstacles can be identified.

The Bupati’s Expert Staff, Suroso, is committed to oversee the process of revoking PT. MMP, including will pay attention and inform if there is the interest of certain parties to extend company licenses that are suspected as a barrier to the protracted process of revocation of PT. The current MMP.

Ank, March 2020

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