The presence of companies such as horror, makes people uneasy, residents suspicious of each other and uncomfortable. This situation and feeling experienced by the residents of Selauw Village, Muting District, Merauke Regency, Papua Province, they were worried about the plan of the company PT. Merauke Rayon Jaya (MRJ), which will clear the forest for industrial plantations.

Mid-November 2019, PT. MRJ came to the village without being invited. They share money with citizens without explaining the purpose for what. Charity actions for money, rice and diesel oil, recurred before Christmas.

Tarsius Kumui Mahuze, a local resident, was suspicious and understood how to seduce the company. Tarsius had listened to the company’s story of giving away money in a neighboring village, Muting Village and in the end took the natural wealth and community-owned land.

Residents of the village of Selouw todong, a company with the initials AM, to open mouth about the company’s plans. Revealed, the MRJ company plans to build an industrial plantation business, which will use the 8,000 hectare area of ​​the forest to plant crops that will be used for pulp. No documents were distributed to the public regarding the company’s plans.

Residents were surprised to hear the area, because according to their estimates. That 8000 hectares of land and forest means that all the veins (upland land) in Selauw Village and surrounding villages, such as Ihalik, Pachas, Kolam, will be used up by the company.

“The company wants to kill us, the community, the forest is not big, there are many people, many clans owning land, then end it,” Tarsius said and asked the company not to continue its business plan.

The Marind indigenous community on the edge of the Mbian River lives dependent on forest and river products. They worry that the presence of companies will lose their rights and access to use forest products as a source of livelihood, source of food, and environmental impact.

The residents explained that Selauw Village was surrounded by rivers, swamps and large peat. Destruction of natural forests and changes in the landscape can result in erosion and flooding that threatens villages and residents’ access. The use of pesticides, soil pollution and company waste, and can result in water and swamp pollution, where people get fish and clean water.

Since the arrival of the company, the people have quarreled and some want to support the company, the status of hamlet rights is questioned, residents speak carefully and suspect that there are people who use the situation to take advantage. Out of harmony.

“The company has caught us and made us want to kill inside, they are happy and we continue to have difficulty. There hasn’t been a good talk yet but the village has come. There should be a discussion with the whole community, everyone must be present at this place, not hit and hit like this “, complained Tarsius, who protested against the process of socialization of PT. MRJ.

This threat should be dealt with immediately. The state needs to act and prevent. Tarsier has not yet heard the local government’s response to the company’s situation and plans.

Ank, Jan 2020

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