(May 05, 2020) The Omnibus Law policy in the form of a draft Bill of Job Creation that is currently in the public spotlight, has drawn criticism from various elements of civil society organizations. The reason is that the discussion process on the draft is not transparent and the substance of the arrangement benefits the investment interests.

Coalition of civil society organizations working to defend the rights of indigenous Papuans and the environment perceives that the actions of government and the House of Representative who insist to discuss the Bill amid individual and community movement limitation due to National Disaster Covid-19 has violated the law of information disclosure and rights of public participation.

This coalition analyzes the Job Creation Bill will facilitate the investment licensing process, withdraw the authority of local governments to the central government, facilitate the procurement and control of land for business over a longer period of time, give access to exploitative activities of natural resources, simplify the process of foreign investment and ease sanctions on perpetrators of environmental rights

The Coalition perceives that the Job Creation Bill creates regulatory setbacks in protecting the environment, agrarian, natural resources and the rights of indigenous peoples. Likewise, if there is a Job Creation Bill, the status of Special Autonomy of Papua regional governments will be threatened and potentially lost.

The presence of the Job Creation Bill will further destroy the lives of indigenous Papuans because it is likely to exploit further the natural resources and richness of Papua’s land. The land of Papua as the last guard of ecology must be maintained incontestably. This Bill has the potential to criminalize indigenous Papuans as they have frequently experienced unscrupulous investment on natural resources. Many cases prove that investments have increased vulnerability of Indigenous Papuan to poverty and climate change impacts.

In this press release, a civil society coalition consisting of: Papuan NGO FOKER, Greenpeace Indonesia, the People’s Heritage Foundation, Walhi Papua, Papua Forest Watch, Gemapala Fakfak, Papua Bentara Association, PTPPMA Papua, Rumsram Biak Foundation, Papua People’s Empowerment Consultation Foundation ( KIPRa-Papua), the Merauke Archdiocese Secretariat of Justice and Peace (SKP Kame), EcoNusa Foundation, the Association for the Advocacy of Women Concerned (eL_AdPPer) Merauke states to reject the Job Creation Bill – Omnibus Law and request the government to immediately stop and cancel any process related to the Draft Bill and the government should focus on handling Covid-19 instead.

The coalition also requests the Papua People’s Assembly (MRP) and House Representative in Papua and West Papua provinces to convey rejection and cancelation of Job Creation draft Bill to the President of the Republic of Indonesia and the Indonesian Parliaments.

Ank, May 2020

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